Recycling Education

Bremer County encourages recycling in your local city.  Bremer County offers free educational programs to Bremer County Schools, civic groups and youth groups on recycling and waste reduction.  Activities range from learning about composting to going on an EcoPicnic.  The Recycling Educator is housed with Bremer County Conservation in Tripoli.  For more information about these educational programs, please call Sarah Beckman, Recycling Educator at (319) 882-4742.

Recycling Education Program List 2014-2015

Renewable vs. Nonrenewable

Waverly Recycling Center Tour

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Relay

Worms Eat My Garbage; Composting with Redworms

Trash to Treasures; Recycled Crafts

Shopping for the Environment

Hazards in the Home Challenge

The Throw Away Three Skit - A Tale of Humans and Their Trash Through History

Ecological Picnic

The Composting Tree

School Waste Audit

Mr. Yuck & Poisons in the Home

Bottle Bill Debate Game

Paper Recycling & Papermaking

Driver's Education