Wapsie River Greenbelt

Since the early 1960’s, the Bremer County Conservation Board has been working on a greenbelt project along the Wapsipinicon River extending from Tripoli to Highway 3. A few parcels were obtained between 1960 and 1989, but it was the Resource Enhancement and Protection Act (REAP) that provided the funding spark to add additional lands to the greenbelt project.

From 1989 to the present, 1,650 acres have been obtained for the project through REAP grants. The greenbelt project now totals over 2,000 acres along the Wapsie. The greenbelt is home to a wide assortment of critters including a heron rookery, sandhill cranes with young, and families of river otters.

In addition to improving water quality and providing habitat, the greenbelt project offers numerous recreational activities. Bird watchers, Nature Photographers, Cross-Country Skiers, Hunters, Trappers, Hikers and Canoers can all find room within the 2,000 acres to pursue their own nature interests.

Map of Wapsie River Greenbelt

Forest Wildlife Stewardship Plan

Wapsie Island Access

The Bremer CCB will be conducting a public meeting on forest management on the Wapsie Island Access area on Tuesday November 21st at 6:00 pm. The meeting will be held at the Bremer County Extension office located at 720 7th Ave SW Tripoli, IA 50676. 

Information on the management of woodlands and wildlife will be presented along with the Forest Wildlife Stewardship Plan (see above link) for the Wapsie Island Access.

Interested public are encouraged to attend to learn more about our woodlands, forestry techniques and wildlife requirements.

For more details or questions contact Andy Hockenson Bremer CCB Director at-319-882-4742 or email at conservation@butler-bremer.com