'Voting in Iowa' Video Series

The Iowa State Association of Counties recently released a series of three videos about Voting in Iowa – Registering to Vote, Voting Absentee, and Voting on Election Day. These short, funny and informative videos were made jointly with the Iowa State Association of County Auditors with the goals of:

  • Increasing voters
  • Educating voters
  • Eliminating fear and intimidation 
  • Informing about county government
  • Informing about the role of the county auditor as the commissioner of elections
  • Breaking down the walls of people who haven’t voted or haven’t voted in a long time

As the commissioners of elections in the state of Iowa, county auditors bring you free, fair and honest elections, and they want to make sure that you vote!

Please take a moment to watch and to share these videos, and for more information, please visit ISAC’s website at www.iowacounties.org or contact us directly.


“Voting in Iowa: Part 1. Registering to Vote” (2:14)

Voting in Iowa: Part 2. Voting Absentee” (3:21)

“Voting in Iowa: Part 3. Voting on Election Day” (3:27)