Foot Clinics
The Bremer County Health Department Foot Clinics are available to individuals 55 years of age or older and/or individuals who are significantly disabled and unable to manage their own foot care.

The foot clinics offer:
  • A partial health assessment from a skilled nurse.
    • Foot assessment
    • Blood pressure check
    • Pulse check
    • Lung assessment
  • General foot care and diabetic foot care.
    • Warm foot soak
    • Trimming of nails/calluses using clippers or dremel
    • Lotion application/gentle massage
  • Education on proper foot care and a free pair of socks at your first visit.
Requested donation of $25 per visit.  Cash or check only.
Walk-ins are NOT available.  Call (319) 352-0082 to schedule an appointment.

Waverly Foot Clinic
1st Wednesday of every month from 8:30-12:00 PM at the Bremer County Health Department.
403 3rd Street SE. Waverly, IA

Sumner Foot Clinic
1st Thursday of every month from 9:00-12:00 PM at the Sumner Library.
Sumner Library
206 N Railroad St. Sumner, IA