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Press Release 




Effective immediately the Bremer County Sheriff’s Office will temporarily suspend all non-essential services.  This includes fingerprints, jail visitation, in person weapons permits, and sex offender registry. 


Jail Information:


Bremer County Sheriff’s Office has suspended all visitors to the Bremer County Jail until further notice in an effort to prevent possible exposure of the COVID-19 to our staff and inmates. The decision was made in conjunction with the Bremer County Health Department and Bremer County Emergency Management to act proactively and responsibly in an attempt to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


The Bremer County Attorney’s office and Sheriff Dan Pickett met and agreed to temporarily suspend acceptance of all Mittimus and Work Release Sentences to ensure the safety of the jail staff, inmate residents and visitors amid the coronavirus outbreak. If you are close to being due please contact the Bremer County Court to get a 60 day extension. If you are past time is expired you will need to contact Assistant County Attorney Jill Dashner to get an extension.


Fingerprint for the public is suspended until further notice. If you need to get fingerprinted for a job please contact Rapids Reproductions in Cedar Falls @ 319-277-5538


Access to legal counsel remains a paramount requirement at Bremer County but like social visiting, the Bremer County Jail is mitigating the risk of exposure created by external visitors. As such, while in general, legal visits will be suspended for the time being, case-by-case accommodation will be accomplished and confidential legal calls will be allowed in order to ensure inmates maintain access to counsel. Attorneys seeking an in-person visit with their client or a confidential call should contact the Bremer County Jail Administrator. In order to assure family and friends are being able to communicate with their love ones, a free calling program will be implemented for our facility.


Video visitation over the paid video chat will continue as normal. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but the health of our staff, inmates and community is our priority while closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Again, this is merely a precautionary action in consideration of current public health advisories.” Notifications will be posted when visitation will resume.




Sheriff’s Office:


Weapons permits will be accepted by mail only.  Applications can be printed under the "Weapons Permit" tab at Please include completed application, a copy of driver’s license, training certificate (for non-professional permits), and payment (non-professional permit renewal permit is $25.00, non-professional new permit is $50.00, and permit to acquire is $25.00). Checks payable to Bremer County Sheriff's Office.


Sex Offenders needing to verify or change their information, please email your information to


Please call with any questions 319-352-5400 (opt 2-jail/fingerprints; opt 3-Dispatch; opt 4-Waverly Police Department opt 5-Bremer County Sheriff’s Office Administration)




Bremer County Sheriff’s Office
111 4th St NE
Waverly, IA  50677
319-352-5400 opt 5



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Bremer County Sheriff and Deputies 
Front: Kayla Tucker, Robert Whitney, Sheriff Dan Pickett, Kari Neuhaus
Middle: Sean Hartman, Travis Marvin, Kyle Shores, Glenn Beenblossom, Jason Ellison, Terry Dehmlow
Back: Ron Myers, Matt Tiedt, Bryan Bockhaus, Brian Davison, Aaron Booth, Shane Hoff



Sheriff’s Office Composition and History
The Bremer County Sheriff’s Office had its first elected sheriff in August of 1853 with Sheriff Austin Farris serving a total of one year and four months. Bremer County has since had a total of 24 individuals serve its people as Sheriff, with our current Sheriff being Dan Pickett.

 In the early days the Sheriff provided the local law enforcement and operated the common jail. As the county grew, local law enforcement developed in those communities desiring more services than was available from the County Sheriff. While the Sheriff is ultimately responsible for all law enforcement activities in the entire county, he is able to accomplish this through local police agencies performing these services if available from local government.

 With the growth of local law enforcement, there has been a change in the role of the Sheriff. The Sheriff’s Office has progressed towards doing those police functions that have countywide implications and are best handled county wide. These would include Sheriff’s patrol, Jail, Civil Process, Criminal Investigations, Weapons Permits, D.A R.E. and School Resource Officers, Accident Investigators, and Consumer Fraud, as well as all other generalized law enforcement duties.

 The Sheriff takes an active role in facilitating the coordination of law enforcement activities in the county. In Bremer County the Sheriff accomplishes the above tasks by having Deputies carry out many of the sworn duties. A total of 11 Deputy Sheriffs and a Chief Deputy currently are employed by the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office is also contracted by the cities of Plainfield and Fredericka to provide police protection, a common practice in rural Iowa counties. Although all Deputies are responsible for a basic understanding of all elements of law enforcement, two Deputies primarily focus on investigations, including criminal investigations and drug investigations. Three Deputies focus on civil process serving and the remainder work patrol. A part-time reserve Deputy currently serves as the county school resource officer, serving 7 school districts throughout the county. The Sheriff’s Office also has two secretarial positions and 12 jailers. The Sheriff also is in charge of communications for Bremer County, which includes communications for all emergency services, which requires a staff of 6 full-time employees and 1 part-time.



Bremer County Sheriff Mission Statement

The mission of the Bremer County Sheriff's Office is the preservation of public peace and order. This shall be primarily performed through the prevention and detection of crime, the apprehension of offenders, the protection of persons and property, and the enforcement of the laws of the State of Iowa and the ordinances of Bremer County. For these purposes, the Deputy Sheriff's are endowed with the authority. In the exercise of this authority, justice and equity shall be the primary motive. The mission shall be accomplished by adherence to the following objectives.


Maintenance of law enforcement presence and availability throughout Bremer County on a 24 hour basis.


Provision of timely and rapid response to criminal activities and all other requests for law enforcement services.


Thorough investigation of criminal offenses and apprehension of violations of state statue and county ordinances.


Initiation of investigations where it appears that violation of law may have occurred.


Enforcement of traffic laws to provide safe, smooth, and orderly flow of traffic.


Provision of services to every criminal court within the county for the provision of safety, order, and efficient operation of these courts.

Maintenance and operation of the county jail.


Provision of required service of all civil and criminal process.


Participation in crime prevention activities and other public information activities that involve the citizens of Bremer County in the interest of public safety.


Provision of community policing services to enhance community involvement with law enforcement to accomplish the goals of this mission.


The primary emphasis of the department shall be on public safety, specifically by maintaining law enforcement presence, rapid response to calls for service, thorough investigations and resolutions of criminal acts, timely apprehensions of violators of the law.


The goals will be accomplished by each member of the Bremer County Sheriff's Office who are expected to perform their duties in an efficient, honest, and professional manner. Members of the Bremer County Sheriff's Office are to act at all times in the interest of public safety and are to conduct themselves in a fair and impartial manner.

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Bremer County Sheriff's Office
111 4th St. NE
Waverly, IA 50677

Dispatch: 319-352-5400, Option 3
Administration: 319-352-5400, Option 5
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